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Bible Texts

The Bible Texts category includes Bibles, other source texts, and study aids created specifically for use in conjunction with Bible texts.

Using the Bibles

In addition to the Search options, there are various ways to access and view the Bibles. By clicking a title link on this page, or selecting from the Bible Texts dropdown or Browse menu, users can open to Genesis 1 or the first chapter or entry of the other texts. The Verse Lookup tool at the right side of the navigation bar allows you to open a specific passage from almost any location on the site. Bible passage and verse commentary views can also open in a side-by-side display for quick comparisons of texts and commentaries.

The Study Bibles

Each Oxford Bible is an established text in courses exploring the Bible in theological, cultural, historical, and other contexts. With the exception of the Catholic Study Bible and Jewish Study Bible, the other standard Bibles also include the Apocrypha to permit the widest possible study of both canonical and deuterocanonical texts. There are current editions of six Oxford Bibles on this site, offering a variety of approaches to the texts and commentary, with complementary coverage of topics and key themes in the extensive supplementary content:

The Bible Texts selected for Oxford Biblical Studies Online have been approved by our editorial board and reflect the ecumenical nature of this project.

Additional Collections of Source Texts

Users can also search and browse two classic collections of ancient source texts and/or fragments: the Apocryphal Old Testament and Apocryphal New Testament. Both works include scholarly introductions and materials to aid users who wish to explore source texts covered in courses on the most influential apocryphal writings.

Oxford Bible Commentary

Based on the NRSV translation, this extensive Commentary can be viewed on its own, or in tandem with a Bible text or other Bible commentaries in the side-by-side display.


The NRSV Concordance is a quick word index with entries that link to verses from the 84 books of the New Oxford Annotated Bible with the Apocrypha. The word entries in the NAB Concise Concordance link to verses within the 73 books of the Catholic Study Bible, which contains the standard New American Bible translation for American Catholics.

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