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2. Publicly Available Content

Some content on the site can be accessed without a subscription.

2.1. Descriptive Content

Information about the editorial content, general features and functionality of Oxford Biblical Studies Online is available to all visitors to the site.

For an extensive survey of the site, see the What's Inside and About sections, and explore the Browse section, which contains an organized list of all the content contained in this site. All visitors can view the Browse lists, but access to the content is only open to subscribers. For more information on using the Browse feature, see section 6 in this guide.

2.2. Focus On

New Focus On features are added during the course of the year. Focus On includes specially commissioned topical essays designed to stimulate thought and enhance understanding of biblical studies. Each article is supplemented by editorially-selected links to content from the site providing further material on the topic. This content—entries, images, and other links—will be available to all visitors while the topic is featured.

Past features are archived and continue to be available on the site. However, when a new Focus On article is published, the editorially selected links to site content for the previous essay become accessible only to subscribers.

2.3. Focus On Email Alerts

You can sign up to receive the Focus On email alert. Once you have signed up, we will send you a notification when a new feature is posted to the site.

If you decide you no longer want to receive the Focus On notifications by email, you can remove yourself from the list by following the instructions at the bottom of the email.

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