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5.4 Advanced Bible Search

The Advanced Bible Search is accessible via the Search drop-down menu on the main navigation bar and includes the following search filters:

advanced bible search
  • Include Selected Sources in Search limits the search to one or more specific Bibles or ancillary Bible texts such as the apocryphal collections, concordances, or Oxford Bible Commentary.
  • Search by Content Type allows you to limit your search to specific types of content within one or more Bibles.
  • Search Bible Section limits the search to specific sections or subsections of the study Bibles.

You may combine selections from various sections of the form within certain limitations.

For instance, you can search for the term "charity" within the Commentary content of the Jewish Study Bible and the Catholic Study Bible. However, a user cannot combine an option such as Search by Section or Content type with non-standard or adjunct Bible texts like the Apocryphal New Testament, the standalone Oxford Bible Commentary, or the concordances.

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