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6. Browse

Browsing is an excellent way to get an overview of the site's content. You can view the full list, select a particular content type from the dashboard at top, and/or use Refine List to apply a number of filters to narrow the range of content presented.

6.1. Browse Page

browse all

6.2. Navigating the Browse Page

browse navigation

Content Dashboard

browse content dashboard

By default, browse results, like search results, contain all content types and are listed alphabetically. The numbers next to each content type tell you the number of results in each. You can choose to view the results from a particular content type by clicking on one of the tabs.

Browse Navigation

browse navigation toolbar

The browse navigation toolbar appears at the top of the browse list and gives you the ability to easily navigate through the current browse list:

  • Clicking the Previous and Next links will move you through a list page by page.
  • When seeking a particular entry, the Go to entry starting feature lets you quickly jump to a page. Simply enter the first few characters of the first word in an entry title and click the Go button beside the box.

A-Z Navigation

browse a-z

A-Z navigation allows you to click on a letter to go to a list of entries starting with that letter.

Browse List Entry

browse entry

For each entry in the Browse list, you will see:

  1. Entry/Chapter/Document Title
  2. Content type
  3. Image or globe icon: if applicable, a camera icon will indicate when content includes an image and a globe icon indicates that a map is available.
  4. Content sample: a brief sample of content in entry
  5. Content Source: This indicates the original source of the content.

Print and Email

print and email browse results

The Print button opens a new window with a printable version of the current page of your Browse List.

The Email button opens a new window with a form to fill out to email your Browse parameters. Clicking on the link in the email will open the same Browse List.

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