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8. Timelines


Two timelines are available, one a general timeline of the Biblical World and one a timeline of Biblical Rulers. The timelines can be viewed individually or concurrently.

Timeline Navigation

Timeline Navigation gives you the ability to move through the Timelines page by page, or you can jump to a particular year.

Timeline Moments

For each entry on the timeline, you will see:

  • Date
  • Description
  • "Learn more" link (where applicable): allows you to go to an article or view other content where you can learn more about this particular event

Select Timelines

You can add and remove timelines from the current view by clicking on the checkbox under the timeline title.


The dots on these colored lines identify moments that belong to each timeline.

As you navigate down the page, you can roll your mouse over the dots for a pop-up reminder of the timeline's theme.

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