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9. Tools & Resources

A good starting point for research at any level, the Tools & Resources area features study and reference aids for further exploration of Oxford Biblical Studies Online and the field of Bible studies in general, including:

  • A-Z List of Bible Books
  • This comprehensive list arranges the books of the Bible alphabetically and provides their placement in the Hebrew Bible, New Testament, or Apocrypha.

  • Calendar
  • The calendar provides an easy way to align the months of the year as we refer to them today with their biblical equivalents. The ordinal months with their corresponding Babylonian and Canaanite names are provided.

  • Weights & Measures
  • These tables provide the modern equivalents for measures and weights used in biblical times and allows for a more complete understanding of biblical readings.

  • Lectionary
  • These comprehensive lists provide the user with a schedule of the lectionary and bible readings used in the Catholic and Jewish faiths.

  • Focus On Essays
  • In this growing collection of essays commissioned specifically for Oxford Biblical Studies Online, leading scholars provide insights into the text, history, and culture of the Bible and provide useful links to related site content for further reading. Focus On essays can be accessed from Home or visit the main Focus On page

  • Further Reading
  • Students at all levels can expand the scope of their research by using the further reading suggestions. This select bibliography allows the researcher or student to delve further into the field of biblical studies.

  • Internet Resources
  • Approved by our advisory boards, this selected list of internet resources is organized by topic and will help guide users to authoritative external sites.

  • Thematic Guides

    The thematic guides provide general introductions and background information on key topics in Biblical studies, including research methods, people and places, books of the Bible, and more. Each guide includes numerous links to supporting material such as subject entries, Bible verses, commentaries, images, and maps within Oxford Biblical Studies Online.

  • Lesson Plans
  • The lesson plans have been created by professors in the field of Biblical studies and provide guidance on how to integrate Oxford Biblical Studies Online into the classroom. Each plan includes discussion questions, supplementary reading suggestions, and a summary of the topic for lecture preparation.

  • Index of Women
  • Adapted from The Women's Study Bible, (Oxford University Press, 2009) this index includes links to Biblical passages involving those women who are portrayed as having an active role in the story of God's relationship with his people, as well as those from whom readers can learn about the lives of women at the time or in modern days.

  • Parallel Texts
  • Often called "synoptic passages," because when viewed together their common elements can be seen, these texts are important in understanding the specific purposes and themes of a writer by analyzing what was included, added, omitted, revised, and rearranged.

  • Guide to Commentaries
  • In an effort to make the Biblical commentaries on OBSO more accessible, we have put together this list of the books of the Bible and their respective commentaries from the various translations of Scripture available on the site.

  • Photo Essays
  • These essays are intended to provide background information on important topics in the field using images as well as links to supporting material within OBSO.

  • Interviews
  • Interviews with some of the most influential figures in the field of Biblical studies, from scholars to writers to artists. Follow some of the latest discussions regarding the text as well as Biblical history, literature, and theology.

  • Reference Works
  • Oxford Biblical Studies Online includes thousands of reference articles; these guides offer a complete, hyperlinked table of contents for each work.

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