A disciple of Jesus and brother of Simon Peter. The two are pictured as fishermen working beside the sea when Jesus summons them to follow him and become “fishers of people” (Mark 1.16–18; Matt. 4.18–20). In John's gospel (1.35–42) Andrew first appears as a disciple of John the Baptist.

Although less prominent than his brother, Andrew is present for Jesus' bread miracle (John 6) and the apocalyptic speech on the Mount of Olives (Mark 13.3–37). Lists of the Twelve name Andrew second (Matt. 10.2; Luke 6.14) or fourth (Mark 3.18; Acts 1.13). According to late medieval tradition, Andrew was martyred by being crucified on an ×‐shaped cross, which later appears on the flag of Great Britain representing Scotland, whose patron is Andrew.

Philip Sellew