Son of Neriah, the scribe of Jeremiah (see, e.g., Jer. 36.4–5, 32) and the purported author of the book of Baruch (Bar. 1.1; see next entry). The name is a shortened form of names like Berechiah and Barachel; all three forms are well attested in biblical and extrabiblical sources. In its full form Baruch's name also occurs on a clay seal impression (bulla) from the late seventh century BCE. The full inscription reads “[belonging] to Berechiah, son of Neriah, the scribe” and is a relatively rare example of the occurrence of the name of a biblical person in a nonbiblical source from the individual's own time. Other bullae from the same period name Seriah, Baruch's brother (Jer. 51.59), and Gemariah, son of Shaphan (Jer. 36.12).

Michael D. Coogan