Jacob and Leah's daughter, Leah's seventh child, born after her six sons (Gen. 30.21; 46.15); her name, like that of her half‐brother Dan, is derived from a root meaning “to judge.” In Genesis 34, Dinah is raped by Shechem, who then falls in love and wants to marry her. Enraged at their sister's treatment, Dinah's brothers agree to intermarriage, but only if the men of Shechem (the city) will be circumcised. While they recuperate, Simeon and Levi (full brothers to Dinah) kill them, and Jacob's other sons plunder the city, taking women and children as well as wealth and livestock and risking retaliation from neighboring groups.

The narrative in Genesis 34 gives a remarkable glimpse into Israelite history and customs, including the complicated relationships between the “sons of Israel” and the inhabitants of the land of Canaan and the association of circumcision with marriage (cf. Exod. 4.25–26).

Jo Ann Hackett