one of the most infuential Cypriot archaeologists. Dikaios studied at the universities of Athens, Liverpool, Lyons, and the Sorbonne. In 1929 he was appointed assistant curator of the Cyprus Museum, and two years later he became curator. In 1961, after Cyprus became an independent republic, Dikaios became the first Cypriot director of the Department of Antiquities. In 1963 he left Cyprus for the United States, where he taught at Princeton and Brandeis for the following three years. He then became professor of archaeology at the University of Heidelberg, a post he held until his death In 1971.

While in the Department of Antiquities, Dikaios played a leading role in the reorganization of its administrative system. He was also responsible In 1935 for introducing a new, scientifically based system for cataloging finds and presenting exhibits in the Cyprus Museum. This accomplishment was followed by the publication of the first modern Guide to the Cyprus Museum (Nicosia, 1947; 2d ed., 1953; 3d ed., 1961; Greek ed., 1951).

One of the founders of modern Cypriot archaeology, Dikaios excavated and published widely on a variety of subjects, concentrating mainly on Cypriot prehistory. With his publications of his excavations at Khirokoitia, Troulli, Kalavasos, and Sotira, Dikaios defined the character and lay the foundations for all subsequent studies on Neolithic Cyprus. He also investigated the Chalcolithic Period at Erimi, Ambelikou, and Kalavasos and the Early Bronze Age at Vounous and Philia. Of great importance is his work on the Late Bronze Age sites of Pyla-Kokkinokremos, Maa-Palaeokastro, and, above all, Enkomi which was the subject of one of his major publications (Enkomi Excavations, 1948–1958, 4 vols, Mainz, 1969–1971). Dikaios also excavated the Iron Age necropolis of Salamis, and located a large number of sites, several of which were later excavated by other archaeologists. He lectured widely in the United States and Europe and was honored by many institutions.


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