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of archaeology at the American School of Oriental Research (ASOR) in Jerusalem (1960–1968). Lapp died in an accident on Cyprus, so that his archaeological career spanned fewer than thirteen years. His major publication, Palestinian Ceramic Chronology, 200 B.C.–A.D. 70 (1961), grew out of his early field experience at Shechem/Balaṭah (1957, 1960) and Beth-Zur (1957) and his Harvard Th.D. dissertation. It was the first systematic study of Late Hellenistic and Early Roman pottery and is still the basic work for that period.

Developing the field methodology and pottery analysis he studied under William Foxwell Albright at Johns Hopkins University and G. E. Wright at Harvard University, and in close consultation with Kathleen M. Kenyon of the British School of Archaeology in Jerusalem and Roland de Vaux of the École Biblique et Archéologique Française, Lapp attempted to combine the best approaches to field archaeology at that time. At ASOR he concentrated on small excavations to give short-term residents at the institute a variety of field experienes: at ῾Iraq el-Amir (1961, 1962), Wadi ed-Daliyeh (1963, 1964), Dhahr Mirzbaneh (1963), Tell el-Ful (1964), Tell er-Rumeith (1962, 1967), and Bab edh-Dhra῾ (1965, 1967). He directed more extensive excavations at Ta῾anach (1963, 1966, 1968), in association with the Concordia schools of the Missouri-Synod Lutherans.

Lapp's prompt publication of preliminary reports from his ῾Iraq el-Amir, Bab edh-Dhra῾, and Ta῾anach excavations set a standard. The final publication of Dhahr Mirzbaneh appeared in 1966; publication of Wadi ed-Daliyeh, and Tell el-Ful, portions of the ῾Iraq el-Amir excavations, and his Bab edh-Dhra῾ excavations were completed by Nancy L. Lapp and other of his colleagues. In addition to excavation reports, Lapp published several synthetic studies.

[See also Bab edh-Dhra῾; Daliyeh, Wadi ed-; Ful, Tell el-; ῾Iraq el-Amir; Rumeith, Tell er-; and Ta῾anach.]


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Nancy L. Lapp