The range of current periodical literature dealing with the archaeology of the ancient Near East and the Mediterranean basin runs the gamut from popular newsletters and magazines to extremely technical, scientific journals. Much of this literature is produced by the major institutes and schools of archaeological research in the United States and Europe; some is regionally specific, while other journals deal with issues that transcend regional boundaries. A growing number of technical journals deal with the scientific aspects of archaeology and related disciplines, including geology, zoology, microbiology, and ethnoarchaeology.

Archaeological and related studies are also found in journals devoted primarily to biblical research, such as the Journal of Biblical Literature, the Catholic Biblical Quarterly, Vetus Testamentum, and Zeitschrift für die alttestamentliche Wissenschaft, which will not be considered here. What follows is an annotated description of the most useful and best-known periodicals dealing with archaeological research and methods, excavation reports, and the artifactual remains (either physical or literary). For a comprehensive list of what is currently available, see the annual Archäologische Bibliographie (Deutsches Archäologisches Institut, Werner Hermann and Richard Neudecker et al., eds., Berlin), an index of articles, subjects, and authors on the archaeology of the ancient Near East and the Mediterranean world.

The periodical literature can be organized into two major categories: popular sources and technical sources. Within each category are subcategories of publications. Popular sources include newsletters, abstracts, and popular journals and magazines. Technical sources are comprised of journals of Near Eastern archaeology; Near Eastern history, languages, and culture; classical or Mediterranean archaeology; classical history, languages, and culture; related areas and nonregional archaeological studies; scientific methods that relate to archaeology; and anthropological studies. Within each category and subcategory, the most useful and accessible of these publications are listed here first, in alphabetical order; those that are not as accessible to the general community are listed separately, also in alphabetical order.

Popular Sources


For the general reader or the scholar who wishes to be informed about fellowships, conferences, and preliminary site reports, the newsletter is a helpful publication.

ASOR Newsletters. Quarterly report of news from the archaeological institutes of the American Schools of Oriental Research—the W. F. Albright Institute of Archaeological Research (AIAR), Jerusalem; the American Center of Oriental Research (ACOR), Amman; and the Cyprus American Archaeological Research Institute (CAARI), Nicosia (see below). The newsletter also includes announcements, fellowship opportunities, and general information on ASOR-sponsored activities; illustrated.

Mar Šipri. Biannual newsletter of the Committee on Mesopotamian Civilization; contains short articles, news items, and communications pertaining to research and archaeology in Syria and Iraq; illustrated.

ACOR Newsletter. Biannual published by the American Center of Oriental Research in Amman (see above); contains preliminary excavation reports, news, fellowship information; illustrated.

Art and Archaeology Newsletter. Quarterly in English; occasionally articles contain texts in ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Latin; book reviews; illustrated.

CAARI News. Biannual published by the Cyprus American Archaeological Research Institute in Nicosia; contains research reports, news, fellowship opportunities, and conference information; illustrated.

Diggings. Monthly published in Australia; contains archaeological news on the latest discoveries in the lands of the Bible.

La Tinaja. Quarterly newsletter of archaeological ceramics; contains short reports and announcements.

Newsletter of the American Research Center in Egypt. Quarterly; contains short articles, reports from the field, and announcements; illustrated.


. Abstracts provide individuals with the opportunity to review a larger body of information than would otherwise be possible. These short summaries of articles give an overview of current research.

Old Testament Abstracts. Three issues per year; contains sections on “The Ancient Near East: History, Texts, etc.” and “Archaeology, Epigraphy, Philology.”

Mundus. Quarterly review of German research contributions on Asia, Africa, and Latin America; book notes and abstracts in English.

New Testament Abstracts. Three issues per year; contains a section on the “New Testament World.”

Religious and Theological Abstracts. Biannual; contains short abstracts in English, with sections under “Old Testament” on “History and Literature of the Ancient Near East” and on “Archaeology.”

Religious Studies Review. Quarterly review of books, including a section on the “Ancient Near East.”

Journals and magazines

. For the general reader, perhaps the best way to keep up with developments in archaeology is through popular journals and magazines. The following illustrated publications provide semischolarly and popular articles that inform without overwhelming.

Archaeology. Bimonthly publication of the Archaeological Institute of America; contains refereed, lavishly illustrated articles on archaeological excavations throughout the world as well as interpretative research reports, news briefs, and book notes.

Biblical Archaeologist: Perspectives on the Ancient World from Mesopotamia to the Mediterranean. Quarterly ASOR publication; contains refereed, semischolarly, and occasionally thematic issues on current archaeological discoveries in the Near East and Mediterranean area; includes interpretative and historical articles, short book reviews, and news from the field; illustrated.

Biblical Archaeology Review. Six issues per year; contains popular articles, news, short book reviews, and letters from readers. Articles highlight recent excavations, interpretative research, and current developments in the publication and presentation of archaeological information; color illustrations.

Ancient History: Resources for Teachers. Three issues per year, published by the Macquarie Ancient History Association, North Ryder, New South Wales, Australia, for secondary school teachers; contains new developments in ancient history and archaeology.

Antiquaries Journal. Annual publication of the Society of Antiquaries of London; international journal of record within archaeology, reporting the work of specialists to a general readership as well as specific issues of concern for every archaeologist.

Archaeology and Biblical Research. Quarterly (formerly Bible and Spade); contains book and film reviews, popular articles on recent discoveries.

Archaeology in the Biblical World. Bimonthly publication of the Near East Archaeological Society, Shafter, California; contains popular articles from a conservative viewpoint, news, letters, and reviews; illustrated.

Biblical Illustrator. Quarterly publication of the Southern Baptist Sunday School Board, devoted to articles to aid teachers and ministers; color illustrations.

Bulletin of the Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society. Annual or biennial dedicated to the subjects of ancient Israel and Jerusalem; contains short articles and book reviews; illustrated.

Buried History. Quarterly journal of the Australian Institute of Archaeology; contains brief articles on aspects of archaeology and social history in the ancient Near East; illustrated.

Expedition. Three issues per year; refereed journal from the University of Pennsylvania; contains short articles on current research in archaeology and anthropology.

Ḥadashot Arkheologiyot. (Hebrew version; English version title is Excavations and Surveys in Israel). Published by the Israel Antiquities Authority; contains preliminary excavation reports of sites in Israel; illustrated with color plates and black and white photos.

JACT Review. Biannual publication of the Joint Association of Classical Teachers; contains short articles and book reviews covering all aspects of the classical world.

Technical Journals.

Technical journals (all refereed) have a variety of agendas. Some are designed to provide preliminary excavation reports, while others produce final reports or analytical studies of artifactual remains. Still others are concerned with scientific methods or anthropological studies. In every case, however, these publications are written for specialists. The assumption is made that those using them will understand the technical language the authors employ.

Near Eastern archaeology

Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research (BASOR). Quarterly; contains reports from ASOR-sponsored excavations, interpretative research on archaeological data, and a thorough examination of artifactual and philological remains from the ancient Near East; illustrated.

Israel Exploration Journal (IEJ). Quarterly published by the Israel Exploration Society; contains preliminary excavation reports, analysis of newly discovered artifacts, publication of inscriptional materials; illustrated.

Journal of the American Research Center in Egypt. Annual; contains excavation reports as well as philological and historical studies on all periods in Egyptian history.

Levant. Annual jointly published by the British School of Archaeology in Jerusalem and the British Institute at Amman for Archaeology and History; contains studies on the history and archaeology of Near East and eastern Mediterranean world.

Palestine Exploration Quarterly (PEQ). Semiannual published by the Palestine Exploration Fund, London; contains preliminary excavation reports, artifactual analysis, illustrated.

Tel Aviv. Semiannual journal published by Tel Aviv University; contains site reports and interpretative articles on aspects of history and archaeological discoveries in Israel and on the West Bank of the Jordan River; illustrated.

Zeitschrift des Deutschen Palästina-Vereins (ZDPV).

Biannual journal; contains articles in English, French, and German on the history, culture, and archaeology of the ancient Near East.

Acta Archaeologica.

Quarterly publication, in English, German, French, and Russian, of the Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae, contains articles on Hittite, Mediterranean, and eastern European archaeology.

Acta Sumerologica.

Annual or biennial in English, German, and French published by the Middle Eastern Culture Center in Japan; contains articles about artifacts and inscriptions in Japanese collections.


Annual publication of the Netherlands Historical Archaeological Institute in Istanbul, Turkey; contains historical studies, excavation reports, and archaeological analysis of sites in Turkey—from the prehistoric to the Hittite to the medieval period.

Annual of the Department of Antiquities of Jordan.

Annual; contains excavation reports and illustrated articles analyzing newly discovered artifactual and inscriptional materials from sites in Jordan.


Published irregularly, in a Hebrew and an English version, by the Israel Antiquities Authority; contains excavation reports from sites in Israel.

Baghdader Mitteilungen.

Annual publication in German of the Deutsches Archäologische Institut; contains analytical articles and excavation reports.

Berytus: Archaeological Studies.

Annual of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences of the American University of Beirut; contains historical, philological, and archaeological studies of Syria and Lebanon from prehistoric to Islamic times.

Bulletin of the Society for Near Eastern Studies in Japan.

Biannual in Japanese; contains articles discussing the history of the ancient Near East and excavation and survey reports from sites in Syria, Iran, Egypt.

Eretz Israel.

Annual published by the Israel Exploration Society, Jerusalem, in English and Hebrew (with English summaries); contains articles on Israeli archaeology, ancient history, and geography.

Journal of Egyptian Archaeology.

Annual; contains philological and historical articles dealing with all periods of Egyptian civilization.

Journal of the Israel Prehistoric Society.

Annual in English; contains illustrated articles on prehistoric archaeology and methodology.

Judean Desert Studies.

Published irregularly in English by the Israel Exploration Society; contains monographs on archaeological discoveries in Israel.


Quarterly published in Hebrew by the Israel Exploration Society; contains articles on biblical archaeology, ancient history, the history and archaeology of later periods, and preliminary excavation reports.


Annual publication in Hebrew and English of the University of Haifa; contains articles on archaeological and historical analysis.

Mitteilungen der Deutschen Orient-Gesellschaft zu Berlin.

Annual; contains preliminary reports on excavations in the Near East, with an emphasis on philology and archaeology.


Three issues per year in Dutch; contains articles on recent discoveries in the ancient Near East and Egypt.


Published irregularly in English by the Institute of Archaeology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem; contains monographs on current research and excavation reports.

Report of the Department of Antiquities, Cyprus.

Annual in English and French; contains preliminary excavation reports for the previous year on Cyprus; illustrated.

Near Eastern history, languages, and culture

Journal of Near Eastern Studies.

Quarterly; contains a broad scope of examinations into the ancient and medieval civilizations of the area; the latest theories and research are presented.

Journal of the American Oriental Society.

Quarterly; contains articles dealing with the history, culture, and philology of the ancient Near East, Islam in all periods, Asian and African studies, and an extensive book review section and lengthy reviews.


Quarterly in English, French, and German; contains philological and historical studies of ancient Near Eastern civilizations and an extensive book review section.

Revue d'assyriologie et d'archéologie orientale.

Biannual in French, German, and English; contains philological and historical examination of the literate cultures of ancient Mesopotamia.

Zeitschrift für Assyriologie und vorderasiatische Archäologie.

Biannual in German, French, and English; contains historical, philological, and archaeological studies of the major cultures of ancient Mesopotamia and Anatolia.


Annual in English, French, and German published by the University of Melbourne; contains studies dealing with the history, languages, and culture of the ancient Near East.

Acta Orientalia.

Three issues per year published in English, German, French, and Russian by the Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae; contains articles on Oriental philology.

Aegyptus: Rivista italiana di egittologia e di papirologia.

Semiannual published in English, French, and German; contains scientific articles on the study of ancient Egypt, its culture, people, history, and other related areas.


Five issues per year published in French, English, and German by the Foundation Assyriologique Georges Dossin; contains articles on the history and philology of the ancient Near East, as well as excavation reports; includes the list of papers from the Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale.

Anatolian Studies.

Annual journal of the British Institute of Archaeology at Ankara; contains articles on the history, philology, and archaeology of the civilizations of ancient Anatolia.

Annual Review of the Royal Inscriptions of Mesopotamia Project.

Annual publication of the RIM Project; contains compilations of cuneiform collections in standard Assyriological format; includes photos.

Archiv für Orientforschung.

Annual in German, French, and English; contains articles on the philology and history of the ancient Near East, with an extensive book review section.

Archív orientální.

Quarterly publication in English, French, German, and Russian of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Oriental Institute; contains articles on the history, economy, culture, and society of the ancient Near East, Judaica, Asian studies, African studies, and archaeological analysis.

Bibliotheca orientalis.

Bimonthly publication in German, French, and English of the Nederlands Instituut voor Het Nabije Oosten; contains lengthy articles and an extensive book review section dealing with the history and philology of the Near East from ancient through Islamic times.

Bulletin for Biblical Research.

Annual journal of the Institute for Biblical Research; contains articles primarily on biblical theology and exegesis from a conservative perspective. Some articles deal with issues touching on archaeological research.

Bulletin of the American Society of Papyrologists.

Irregularly published journal of philological studies of papyri documents.

Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies

(University of London). Three issues per year; contains articles and reviews on ancient Near Eastern history and culture, Islamic studies, Asian and African studies, and anthropology.

Computer Aided Research in Near Eastern Studies.

Published irregularly as part of the Cybernetica Mesopotamia series.

Data Sets: Cuneiform Texts.

Published irregularly; electronic data processing of Mesopotamian materials, philological and artifactual.


Biannual published in Arabic and English by the Bahrain Historical and Archaeological Society; contains excavation reports and articles on sites on the Arabian Peninsula and in the Persian Gulf area.


Annual; articles on the history, archaeology, philology, and culture of ancient Mesopotamian civilizations.

Istanbuler Mitteilungen.

Annual; explores the prehistory, archaeology, history and art history of Asia Minor up until the Ottoman period.

Journal of Coptic Studies.

Annual; contains articles on all aspects of premodern Coptic society, including its literature, history, archaeology, art, religion, linguistics, and related studies.

Journal of Cuneiform Studies.

Semiannual ASOR publication; contains technical articles on the history and languages of ancient Mesopotamian and Anatolian literate cultures.

Journal of Semitic Studies.

Biannual; contains articles dealing primarily with the philology of the ancient Near East.

Journal of the Ancient Near Eastern Society of Columbia University.

Annual; contains articles on all aspects of the history and culture of the ancient Near East; illustrated.

Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient.

Quarterly in English, French, and German; contains specialized studies furthering knowledge of the economic and social history of Asia and Africa from the earliest times to the beginning of the nineteenth century.

Oriens antiquus.

Quarterly in English, French, and German; contains articles on the history, philology, and archaeology of the ancient Near East.

Orientalia Lovaniensia Periodica.

Annual publication of the Catholic University of Leuven; contains studies on the history, languages, and culture of the ancient Near East and Asia.

Orientalia Suecana.

Annual published in Sweden; contains philologic studies of Near Eastern languages from Canaanite to Arabic.

Revista degli studi orientali.

Quarterly in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish; covers all fields of Oriental studies from the ancient Near East to modern Japan.

Revue de Qumran.

Semiannual published in English, French, German, Italian, Latin, and Spanish; contains studies in linguistics and culture pertaining to the Dead Sea Scrolls.


Quarterly; studies the text of the Hebrew Bible and its ancient versions and cultures, as well as the history and culture of Jews in Spain and the Hebrew and Aramaic languages.


Annual; contains articles in French on the history and philology of the classical world and Ugaritic and Islamic studies.

Studi epigrafici e linguistici sul Vicino Oriente antico.

Annual in Italian, French, and English; contains articles on philology and ancient Near Eastern studies.


Annual in Arabic and English; contains preliminary excavation reports from sites in Iraq and artifactual analysis from all periods.

Syria: Revue d'art oriental et d'archéologie.

Quarterly in French and English; a review of art history, philology, and archaeology, primarily from sites in Syria and Iraq.


Annual in English, French, and German; provides linguistic, historical, and cultural studies, with an emphasis on Ugarit and Mesopotamian civilizations.

Wiener Zeitschrift für die Kunde des Morgenlandes.

Annual; studies in philology, including Egyptian and Coptic texts, Islamic studies, and an extensive book review section.

Zeitschrift der Deutschen Morgenländischen Gesellschaft.

Semiannual in German; studies in the philology of the ancient Near East, Islamic periods, and Asia.

Classical and Mediterranean archaeology

American Journal of Archaeology.

Quarterly publication of the American Institute of Archaeology; contains scholarly essays and book reviews on Old World archaeology from prehistoric times to the Middle Ages; illustrated.

Archaeological Reports.

Annual publication of the Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies and the British School at Athens; contains accounts of recent archaeological work in Greece, with supplementary reports from other parts of the ancient Greek and Byzantine world.

Greece and Rome.

Semiannual; contains literary evaluations of the major Greek and Roman authors and articles on ancient history, art, archaeology, the classical tradition, and teaching classics at the tertiary level.

Journal of Mediterranean Archaeology.

Biannual; contains articles on local and regional production, development, interaction, and change in the Mediterranean, including Anatolia, with the theoretical implications or methodological assumptions extrapolated from archaeological data.

Journal of Roman Archaeology (JRA).

Annual; contains coverage of all aspects of archaeology in every part of the Roman world, from 700 BCE to about 700 CE.


Nine issues per year in English, containing original languages; contains bibliographies of material relevant to prehistoric archaeology, Homeric studies, Indo-European linguistics, and related fields in the eastern Mediterranean area and southeast Europe.

Annali dell'Istituto universitario orientale di Napoli.

Three issues per year; contains philological and archaeological studies on the ancient Near East, Africa, and Mediterranean cultures.

Mitteilungen des Deutschen Archäologischen Instituts Römische Abteilung.

Annual; contains articles, primarily in German, on classical studies and archaeology.

Opuscula atheniensia.

Annual published in Stockholm; contains articles on classical archaeology.

Revue archéologique.

Semiannual in French; contains recent studies on the Greco-Roman period, Bronze Age, and the start of the Middle Ages.

Classical history, languages, and culture

Classical Antiquity.

Biannual; contains interdisciplinary research and discussions of major issues from the entire spectrum of ancient Greek and Roman civilization.

The Classical Journal.

Bimonthly; contains philological research and language studies in modern literature and book reviews.

Classical Philology.

Quarterly; devoted to research in the language, literature, history, and life of classical antiquity.

The Classical Review.

Biannual; contains critical reviews of books dealing with all aspects of classical language, literature, and history from all countries.

Classical World.

Bimonthly; contains broad-ranging articles on classical languages and literature and pedagogic aids; includes lists of meeting programs.


Quarterly in English of the American School of Classical Studies in Athens; some articles contain ancient Greek; presents the scholarly research of members and alumni of ASCSA on historical, archaeological, and epigraphic topics on ancient Greece.

Journal of Hellenic Studies.

Annual; contains articles covering the Greek language, literature, history, and art in the ancient and Byzantine periods.

Journal of Roman Studies.

Annual; contains articles dealing with all aspects of Roman history and culture and linguistics.

Ancient Society.

Annual in Dutch, English, French, German, and Italian; articles deal with the cultural history of the Greek, Hellenistic, and Roman world.

Classica et Mediaevalia: Revue danoise de philologie et d'histoire.

Annual in English, French, and German; contains studies in classical philology and history through the medieval period.

Das Altertum.

Quarterly in German; contains classical studies, including linguistics, history, and culture.

East and West.

Annual; includes studies in the language, culture, and philosophy of the classical and eastern Mediterranean world.


Annual publication of the Musée d'art et d'histoire Genève; contains articles dealing primarily with archaeological remains in Europe; does include studies on ancient Near Eastern archaeology based on items in their museum.

Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Studies.

Quarterly; contains research articles on all aspects of the Greek world, from the prehistoric through the Hellenic, Hellenistic, Roman, and Byzantine periods.

Mediterranean Historical Review.

Biannual; provides an international forum for a discussion of topics on the ancient, medieval, and modern history of the Mediterranean basin.

Pallas: revue d'études antiques.

Annual; contains articles on the literature, linguistics, history, and archaeology of the Greek and Roman periods.

Related areas and nonregional archaeological journals


Quarterly; a periodical review of archaeology with reports on the work of specialists and archaeology and a book review section.

World Archaeology.

Three issues per year; presents thematic issues, including interpretative examinations of cultural development, illustrated.

African Archaeological Review.

Annual; studies all aspects of the archaeology of Africa and neighboring islands, with an emphasis on new data from the field as well as areas of wider than regional significance.

Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland.

Three issues per year; contains articles dealing with archaeology, art, anthropology, and the history of Asia, North Africa, and Ethiopia.


Published irregularly in Belgium; contains studies dealing with ancient Yemeni antiquities and epigraphy.

Scientific methodology

Journal of Archaeological Science.

Six issues per year; articles directed to archaeologists and scientists who have a particular interest in advances in applying scientific techniques and methodologies to all areas of archaeology.

Journal of Field Archaeology.

Quarterly publication of Boston University; reports on field excavations and surveys the world over, methodological and technical matters, scientific advances in archaeology, and larger interpretative studies.


Semiannual publication of the University of Pennsylvania Museum; contains articles on the pre- and nonindustrial manipulation of materials, using scientific methods for humanistic ends.


Biannual; devoted to publishing papers presented at the International Congress of Archaeo-zoology.


Bimonthly; contains original reports on the environmental settings of archaeological sites, materials analysis of artifacts, and process papers describing new techniques and equipment.

International Journal of Nautical Archaeology.

Quarterly publication of the Nautical Archaeology Society; contains nonregional studies of marine archaeology.


Annual; publishes the radiocarbon dating of archaeological, geological, and other samples and articles on conventional and new techniques and related subjects.

Readings in Glass History.

Published irregularly, contains monographs on topics in the history of glass vessels and beads and the glass industry, with a focus on the ancient, medieval, and premodern Near East up to the rise of the Venetian glass industries.

SAS Bulletin.

Quarterly published by the Society for Archaeological Sciences; contains articles on cooperative and interdisciplinary research between archaeology and the natural and physical sciences.

Anthropological studies

American Anthropologist.

Quarterly; covers cultural, physical, linguistic, and applied anthropology; includes information on archaeology.

Journal of Anthropological Archaeology.

Quarterly; nonregional; primarily contains studies in ethnoarchaeological methods and fieldwork.


Quarterly published by the Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland; covers all areas of anthropology—physical, social, and cultural; includes information on archaeology and linguistics.

Nomadic Peoples.

Biannual publication of the Scandinavian Institute of African Studies, ethnographic articles on the peoples of Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.


Published irregularly by the University of Queensland; provides a forum for communicating anthropologically oriented studies in archaeology and material culture.

[See also Reference Works. In addition, many of the organizations and institutions mentioned are the subject of independent entries.]

Victor H. Matthews and James C. Moyer