Ge 1:1 God created the heavens and the e,
6:11 the e was corrupt in God’s sight,
9:13 the covenant between me and the e.
Ex 19:5 Indeed, the whole e is mine,
1Ch 16:23 Sing to the LORD, all the e.
Ps 47:2 a great king over all the e.
Isa 6:3 the whole e is full of his glory.”
65:17 to create new heavens and a new e;
Jer 23:24 Do I not fill heaven and e?
Mt 5:5 the meek, for they will inherit the e.
24:35 Heaven and e will pass away,
Lk 5:24 has authority on e to forgive sins”—
2Pe 3:13 wait for new heavens and a new e,
Rev 21:1 I saw a new heaven and a new e;
Sir 40:11 All that is of e returns to e,