Ge 2:16 freely e of every tree of the garden;
Ex 12:11 This is how you shall e it:
Lev 3:17 not e any fat or any blood.
11:4 you shall not e the following:
Ps 50:13 Do I e the flesh of bulls,
Ecc 2:24 nothing better for mortals than to e
Isa 11:7 the lion shall e straw like the ox.
Mt 26:26 to the disciples, and said, “Take, e;
Lk 12:19 relax, e, drink, be merry.’
Ac 10:13 “Get up, Peter; kill and e.”
1Co 8:13 I will never e meat, so that I may
10:31 whether you e or drink, or whatever
Rev 3:20 I will come in to you and e with you