Ge 1:2 darkness covered the f of the deep,
7:18 ark floated on the f of the waters.
32:30 saying, “For I have seen God f to f,
Ex 3:6 Moses hid his f, for he was afraid to
34:30 the skin of his f was shining,
Nu 6:25 LORD make his f to shine upon you,
12:8 With him I speak f to f—
Jdg 6:22 seen the angel of the LORD f to f.”
Ps 4:6 Let the light of your f shine on us,
27:8 Your f, LORD, do I seek.
Isa 54:8 wrath for a moment I hid my f
Eze 39:29 I will never again hide my f from
Mt 18:10 their angels continually see the f
Lk 9:29 the appearance of his f changed,
2Co 3:7 Israel could not gaze at Moses’ f because of the glory of his f,
Rev 1:16 his f was like the sun shining with
10:1 his f was like the sun,