Ps 24:4 who have clean h and pure hearts,
47:1 Clap your h, all you peoples;
90:17 O prosper the work of our h!
115:7 They have h, but do not feel;
Ecc 11:6 at evening do not let your h be idle;
Isa 35:3 Strengthen the weak h, and make
49:16 inscribed you on the palms of my h;
55:12 trees of the field shall clap their h.
Da 2:45 was cut from the mountain not by h,
Lk 23:46 into your h I commend my spirit.”
24:40 he showed them his h and his feet.
Jn 3:35 has placed all things in his h.
20:27 “Put your finger here and see my h.
Ac 8:18 the laying on of the apostles’ h,
Ro 10:21 “All day long I have held out my h
Heb 6:2 laying on of h, resurrection of the
10:31 to fall into the h of the living God.