Ge 1:10 God called the dry l Earth,
12:7 your offspring I will give this l.”
Ex 3:8 a l flowing with milk and honey,
20:2 brought you out of the l of Egypt,
Nu 13:2 to spy out the l of Canaan,
Dt 8:7 God is bringing you into a good l,
Jos 11:23 So Joshua took the whole l,
Jdg 1:27 Canaanites continued to live in that l
2Ki 17:5 the king of Assyria invaded all the l
25:21 So Judah went into exile out of its l.
2Ch 7:14 will forgive their sin and heal their l.
Ps 37:11 But the meek shall inherit the l,
Jer 22:29 O l, l, l, hear the word of the LORD!
Da 11:41 He shall come into the beautiful l,
Mal 4:6 come and strike the l with a curse.