Ge 2:19 every living creature, that was its n.
4:26 people began to invoke the n of
11:4 and let us make a n for ourselves;
12:2 bless you, and make your n great,
Ex 3:15 my n forever, and this my title
20:7 wrongful use of the n of the LORD
34:5 and proclaimed the n, “The LORD.”
Nu 17:2 Write each man’s n on his staff,
Dt 12:11 as a dwelling for his n:
Ps 9:10 know your n put their trust in you,
103:1 that is within me, bless his holy n.
Pr 18:10 The n of the LORD is a strong tower;
Isa 42:8 I am the LORD, that is my n;
Eze 20:9 But I acted for the sake of my n,
Joel 2:32 on the n of the LORD shall be saved;
Zec 14:9 the LORD will be one and his n one.
Mt 1:21 a son, and you are to n him Jesus,
6:9 Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your n.
28:19 baptizing them in the n of the Father
Jn 1:12 received him, who believed in his n,
12:28 Father, glorify your n.”
20:31 believing you may have life in his n.
Ac 4:12 for there is no other n under heaven
Php 2:9 gave him the n that is above every n
Rev 13:17 the n of the beast or the number of its n.
19:13 his n is called The Word of God.
22:4 and his n will be on their foreheads.
Sir 2:17 and equal to his n are his works.