Ge 17:4 the ancestor of a multitude of n.
18:18 the n of the earth shall be blessed in
Dt 7:1 seven n mightier and more
2Ki 17:15 followed the n that were around
Ps 2:1 Why do the n conspire, and the
47:8 God is king over the n;
Isa 2:2 all the n shall stream to it.
42:1 he will bring forth justice to the n.
52:15 so he shall startle many n;
Am 9:12 and all the n who are called
Mt 28:19 and make disciples of all n,
Mk 11:17 a house of prayer for all the n’?
Ro 4:18 become “the father of many n,”
Rev 22:2 the tree are for the healing of the n.