Ex 18:25 Moses chose a men from all Israel
Nu 11:14 not a to carry all this people alone,
14:16 the LORD was not a to bring this people into the land
Jos 1:5 No one shall be a to stand against
23:9 no one has been a to withstand you
Da 3:17 God whom we serve is a to deliver
Mt 9:28 “Do you believe that I am a to do
Mk 10:38 you a to drink the cup that I drink,
Ro 14:4 the Lord is a to make them stand.
2Co 9:8 God is a to provide you with every
Eph 6:11 a to stand against the wiles of the devil.
2Ti 1:12 he is a to guard until that day
Heb 2:18 a to help those who are being tested.
4:12 it is a to judge the thoughts and
5:2 is a to deal gently with the ignorant
7:25 he is a for all time to save
11:19 God is a even to raise someone from the dead—
Jas 4:12 who is a to save and to destroy.
Jude 1:24 who is a to keep you from falling,
Rev 5:3 a to open the scroll or to look into it.
Jdt 11:18 of them will be a to withstand you.
1Mc 3:53 How will we be a to withstand them