Dt 4:26 I c heaven and earth to witness
1Sa 3:5 But he said, “I did not c; lie down
1Ki 18:24 you c on the name of your god and I will c on the name of the LORD;
1Ch 16:8 thanks to the LORD, c on his name,
Ps 61:2 From the end of the earth I c to you,
Pr 8:1 Does not wisdom c, and does
Isa 65:24 Before they c I will answer,
Mt 9:13 to c not the righteous but sinners.”
Lk 6:46 “Why do you c me ‘Lord, Lord,’
Jn 15:15 I do not c you servants any longer,
Ro 10:12 and is generous to all who c on him.
Php 3:14 goal for the prize of the heavenly c