Ge 1:5 God called the light D, and
8:22 d and night, shall not cease.”
Ex 13:21 of them in a pillar of cloud by d,
20:8 Remember the sabbath d, and keep
Jos 1:8 you shall meditate on it d and night,
Ps 1:2 his law they meditate d and night.
118:24 is the d that the LORD has made;
Isa 49:8 on a d of salvation I have helped
66:8 Shall a land be born in one d?
Joel 1:15 Alas for the d! For the d of the LORD is near,
Zec 14:1 See, a d is coming for the LORD,
Mal 3:2 who can endure the d of his coming,
Mt 25:13 you know neither the d nor the hour.
Lk 11:3 Give us each d our daily bread.
24:46 to rise from the dead on the third d,
Jn 6:40 I will raise them up on the last d.”
Ro 14:5 Some judge one d to be better than
2Co 4:16 our inner nature is being renewed d by d.
6:2 see, now is the d of salvation!
1Th 5:2 very well that the d of the Lord
2Pe 3:8 that with the Lord one d is like a thousand years,
3:10 d of the Lord will come like a thief,
1Jn 4:17 have boldness on the d of judgment,
Rev 1:10 I was in the spirit on the Lord’s d,
16:14 for battle on the great d of God