In the OT persons and things were consecrated by anointing with oil; kings were enthroned by anointing (Solomon, 1 Kgs. 1: 39); priests were anointed for the office (Aaron, Exod. 29: 7). David refers to Saul as ‘the Lord's anointed’ (1 Sam. 24: 6) and Cyrus, king of Persia, is God's anointed (Isa. 45: 1). In Hebrew this is ‘Messiah’ and in Greek ‘Christos’. Jesus is said to be ‘anointed with the Holy Spirit and with power’ (Acts 10: 38). Anointing was also used medicinally (Luke 10: 34) and as gestures of affection towards both the living (Luke 7: 38) and the dead (Mark 16: 1).