People who for the most part exist on the move, taking sheep, cattle, and asses with them. None of the OT characters are nomads: the patriarchs led only a semi‐nomadic life since their wanderings were interrupted by periods at Shechem (Abraham, Gen. 12: 6), Gerar (Isaac, Gen. 26: 6), and Paddam‐Aram (Jacob, Gen. 28: 5; 31: 17–18). During the wilderness journeys after the Exodus, the Israelites grazed their flocks around the oasis at Kadesh‐Barnea.

Nomadic life was harsh; it enjoined a good deal of mutual dependence and of hospitality to strangers; but the austerity was viewed with nostalgia by prophets who contrasted the simplicity of living in tents and observing the festivals with the luxury of urban culture (Hosea 2: 14 f.) and the apostasy of Canaanite religion.