A name borne by many biblical characters, from Philip, father of Alexander the Great, onwards (1 Macc. 1: 1; 6: 2).

Herod the Great had a son, by Mariamne, called Herod Philip, who married Herodias and had a daughter, Salome; this last married Herod Philip II, who was the son of Herod the Great by Cleopatra of Jerusalem. This Philip was tetrarch of Ituraea and Trachonitis (Luke 3: 1) from 4 BCE to 33 CE.

One of the Twelve who followed Jesus was named Philip (Mark 3: 18; John 1: 43) and was in Jerusalem after the Resurrection (Acts 1: 13).

Another Philip (‘the evangelist’) was one of the seven appointed to administer the Church's charity (Acts 6: 5) but afterwards he extended his ministry (Acts 8: 29) to baptizing a God‐fearing Ethiopian. Later Philip lived at Caesarea (Acts 21: 8–9) with four daughters who prophesied.