The act of communicating in words or in silence with the transcendent God. Conversations between God and men are reported in the OT (e.g. Abraham, Gen. 15: 1–6; Moses, Exod. 3: 1–4; 33: 11; prophets, 1 Sam. 3: 4–9). OT prayer includes petition, intercession, confession, and thanksgiving, and set hours and days are prescribed for prayer. In the NT Jesus is reported to have prayed to his Father frequently and he gave the ‘Lord's Prayer’ to the disciples (Matt. 6: 9–13; Luke 11: 2–4). The epistles teach that prayer to God is offered through Christ (Rom. 1: 8). NT prayers include praise (Acts 2: 47), thanksgiving (1 Cor. 14: 16–17), and petition (Phil. 4: 6). Prayer is not regarded as a method for compelling God to act but for asking that his will be done and his kingdom come.