A Roman administrator who acted on behalf of the emperor, subordinate to the legate. Pontius Pilate is sometimes referred to as the procurator of Judaea (26–36 CE), but the more correct translation of the Greek is governor, as given by AV, NRSV, REB, and NJB (Matt. 27: 11), as also for Felix (Acts 23: 26) and Festus (Acts 24: 27). Pilate does seem to have had the status of prefect, which was the title used, according to an inscription, from 6 to 41 CE. The governor was called ‘procurator’ from 44 to 66 CE. The frequently applied title procurator to Pontius Pilate is due to the historian Josephus, who did not always give in Greek the exact translation of Latin titles. (From 41 to 44 CE Judaea was governed by Herod Agrippa I.)