The Mediterranean Sea is called the Sea of the Philistines (Exod. 23: 31) and the Great Sea (Num. 34: 6), but the other seas known to the Jews were the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea; in the forecourt of Solomon's Temple the great laver or basin was called the molten or bronze sea (1 Kgs. 7: 39).

In the Ras Shamra texts, the sea and the storm-god, Baal Haddu, did battle, and so caused the alternating seasons, and it is suggested that there are traces of this mythology in the OT where God seems to feature as a storm-god raging against the sea, for which the Hebrews had a kind of horror (Isa. 27: 1; 51: 10; Ps. 89: 9; 93: 4; Job 26: 12; cf. Rev. 21: 1).