Paul's Gentile assistant (2 Cor. 8: 23) who travelled with him to Jerusalem (Gal. 2: 1–10) and whom Paul refused to circumcise; it would have constituted a damaging precedent. Titus was probably Paul's emissary to the difficult Corinthians, taking the ‘severe’ letter (2 Cor. 2: 3–9). Following a delay in reaching Paul after this visit (Titus did not get to Troas as planned), they eventually met in Macedonia and Titus reported favourably—so much so, that Paul felt able to ask him to go back to Corinth again.

The epistle to Titus (one of the ‘Pastorals’) contains advice on Church and household organization but it is widely held to come from a later date for the same reasons as apply to 1 and 2 Timothy.

Son and successor of emperor Vespasian, Titus (40–81 CE) completed the siege of Jerusalem in 70 CE.