There is no mention in the Bible of weddings as religious ceremonies; they were a legal and social occasion marked by customs developed over the ages. There was a procession apparently from the home of the bride, who was veiled (S. of S. 6: 7), to that of the bridegroom (Matt. 25: 6), but the details in Jesus' parable are confusing—would the procession be at night? And would a shop selling oil be open after midnight (Matt. 25: 9)? There followed a lengthy banquet (Matt. 22: 2). The parables of Jesus which centre on weddings indicate something of the joy as the community celebrate a new family. A wedding reception at Cana attended by Jesus and his mother is described in John 2: 1–11. Guests at a wedding reception were expected, just as they are today, to wear their best clothes (Matt. 22: 11–12).