Revelation: a central and dynamic concept in both OT and NT.

It was by God's ‘word’ that the heaven and earth were made (Gen. 1: 3, 6, 9).

The Ten Commandments are his words (Exod. 20: 1). They are often referred to as the ‘Ten Words’. Prophets speak the Lord's word (Jer. 1: 2), which is the revelation of his will and purpose.

In the NT Jesus preaches the word (Mark 2: 2).

In the gospel of John Jesus is identified with God's word—his revelation or his meaning (John 1: 1, 14). The word in this sense is not identified with the written words of any scripture.

In Paul and Acts (e.g. 6: 2), the word means the Christian proclamation.

Concluding a public reading of Scripture with the affirmation ‘This is the word of the Lord’ may be inappropriate, if, for example, it should follow an OT passage which is blood-thirsty, priggish, or otherwise disagreeable, unlike the unambiguous Cranmerian ‘Here ends the (lesson)’.