A common name in the Bible (Zacharias in AV).

1. The son of Jehoiada, stoned by the populace (2 Chron. 24: 20–23) and probably referred to in Matt. 23: 35. 2. The Minor Prophet after the Exile (Zech. 1: 1–7). 3. The father of John the Baptist (Luke 1: 5) to whom an angel appeared to announce the forthcoming birth to his wife Elizabeth. When he asked for a confirmatory sign he was struck dumb—until the child was born, when he then blessed God and spoke of the hope for a Messiah for whom John would prepare the way (Luke 1: 76). 4. Son of Baris, murdered by Zealots shortly before the fall of Jerusalem in 70 CE according to Josephus.

Matt. 23: 35 is mistaken in regarding Zechariah (1, above) as ‘son of Barachiah’: possibly this was an attempt to harmonize the reference with Zech. 1: 1 or even also with Isa. 8: 2.

Zechariah (4, above) would have been an anachronism on the lips of Jesus, but it is not impossible that recollection of this recent case of innocently shed blood was an influence on Matthew.