Mention of colours is infrequent in both OT and NT. Hebrews were not interested in aesthetics as were Greeks in Athens, and the language was deficient for such expression. However, purple, usually a reddish‐purple, obtained from shellfish, was appreciated and the word appears in the NT (Acts 16: 14), and Jesus was clothed in purple as part of his maltreatment by soldiers (John 19: 2). Joseph's ‘coat of many colours’ (Gen. 37: 3, AV) is translated ‘a long robe with sleeves’ by NRSV, REB (‘a decorated tunic’, NJB). Other colours mentioned are white (fields ripe for harvesting, John 4: 35), green (of grass, as Mark 6: 39), yellow (of hair, Lev. 13: 30), red (of the sky, Matt. 16: 3), blue (in Exodus of embroidery), black (of a horse, Rev. 6: 5).