Frequently experienced in Palestine (Amos 1: 1) as natural phenomena; but also earthquakes are the product of apocalyptic symbolism, such as the earthquake recorded at the time of the crucifixion (Matt. 27: 51) and at the Resurrection of Jesus (Matt. 28: 2), perhaps even that during Paul's imprisonment at Philippi (Acts 16: 26). In the Marcan Apocalypse (Mark 13: 8) there is a prophecy of earthquakes, which the evangelist may regard as fulfilled at Jesus' crucifixion. Apocalyptic earthquakes are also a sign of the End (Rev. 6: 12).

Legends describing earthquakes are those when Dathan and Abiram are swallowed up (Num. 16: 30–34), and the divine theophany at Sinai (Exod. 19: 18).