Prolonged starvation, of which the danger and horrors are often mentioned in the OT; it was one of the four acts of God's judgement in Ezekiel (5: 16) and it is one of the curses which God will send on the nation for disobedience (Deut. 28: 48). The best‐known famine in the OT is that in Egypt when Joseph administered the diminishing food supplies (Gen. 41). In the NT there was a famine which hit Jerusalem during the reign of Claudius Caesar (Acts 11: 28), and Paul and Barnabas took aid to the Christians there. The Roman authorities never budgeted on a long‐term basis and famines could strike with terrible devastation. There were no contingency plans. It was no unlikely experience for the reader of Rev. 6: 5–8 to read of the third horseman announcing exorbitant prices for food in time of famine. Yet, claims Paul, even famine will not separate us from the love of Christ (Rom. 8: 35).