Five different Hebrew nouns are translated ‘furnace’ in AV and refer to ovens, kilns, and domestic fires, as well as the burning, fiery furnace of Dan. 3: 6 ff. A Greek noun is translated ‘furnace’ by AV and NRSV twice in Matt. (13: 42, 50) and twice in Rev. (1: 15; 9: 2). Modern translations sometimes use ‘furnace’ (e.g. of Sodom and Gomorrah's destruction, Gen. 19: 28), whereas in Exod. 9: 8 it is a ‘kiln’ (NRSV, REB, NJB). The furnace image was appropriate to apocalyptic passages for the punishment of the wicked, but the metaphor implies extinction rather than endless torture; so Matt. 13: 42, of Gehenna.