The first king of Israel after it had broken from Judah under Rehoboam; he reigned from 922 to 901 BCE. Jeroboam instituted religious change in order to consolidate his position in the north; the sanctuaries at Bethel and Dan were established with bull images and people were discouraged from worshipping at Jerusalem. This was regarded by the southern editors as apostasy, and he is condemned by 1 Kgs. 15: 26. See idolatry.

King of Israel 786–746 BCE, who used the end of intervention from Assyria to expand the borders of Israel (2 Kgs. 14: 25, 28) and increase his personal wealth. Distribution of land to Jeroboam's supporters created a class of the poor and dispossessed, and this social injustice, together with worship of Baal, was bitterly denounced by Amos (2: 6–8).