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  • A (A-Z entry)

    The symbol employed in textual criticism for a MS of the New Testament in Greek written on parchment in Egypt ( Alexandria ? Hence ...

    Source: A Dictionary of the Bible

  • acrostic (A-Z entry)

    a poetic form in which the first letter of each new line or series of lines within a larger group follows the order ...

    Source: Oxford Biblical Studies Online

  • aleph (A-Z entry)

    The first letter of the Hebrew alphabet (א). Textual critics use it as the symbol for a 4th-cent. MS known as Codex Sinaiticus , ...

    Source: A Dictionary of the Bible

  • alterations to text (A-Z entry)

    Variations among MSS are sometimes due to scribes having misheard a word being dictated or through some other human error. But also sometimes alterations ...

    Source: A Dictionary of the Bible

  • Ancient Versions and Textual Transmission of the Old Testament (Chapters)

    Introduction This essay will first give a schematic outline of the history of the Hebrew text in four stages. The elements that readers will ...

    Source: The Oxford Handbook of Biblical Studies

  • The Apocrypha (Chapters)

    The Apocrypha as a Whole The existence of an ‘Apocrypha’ arises mainly from the presence in one or more of the earliest Greek biblical ...

    Source: The Oxford Illustrated History of the Bible

  • Apocryphal New Testament (A-Z entry)

    Christian writings not included in the authoritative canon of the NT which claim to be reminiscences of the life of the young Jesus and ...

    Source: A Dictionary of the Bible

  • Ark of the Covenant (A-Z entry)

    the chest ( Hebʾaron ) in the Tabernacle or Temple that contained the Pact ( Hebʿedut ) (Exod. 40.20), or the tablets (Deut. ...

    Source: Oxford Biblical Studies Online

  • B (A-Z entry)

    Used in textual criticism to denote Codex Vaticanus, a 4th-cent. parchment MS of the Greek OT and most of the NT, kept in the ...

    Source: A Dictionary of the Bible

  • Baruch (A-Z entry)

    The book is named for Baruch, the son of Neriah and scribe of the prophet Jeremiah ( see Jer 32:12 ; 36:4 ). The ...

    Source: The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Books of the Bible

  • Baruch, book of (A-Z entry)

    A miscellaneous collection of prayers and narrative from the 2nd cent. bce influenced by the book of Jeremiah and attributed to Jeremiah ’s scribe ...

    Source: A Dictionary of the Bible

  • Bavli, Talmud (A-Z entry)

    the Babylonian Talmud; see Talmud.

    Source: Oxford Biblical Studies Online

  • Bel and the Dragon, book of (A-Z entry)

    An addition (ch. 14) found in the Greek OT to the book of Daniel; probably written in the 2nd cent. bce , consisting of ...

    Source: A Dictionary of the Bible

  • The Biblical Texts and Their Background (Chapters)

    The biblical writings were created over a wide expanse of time. That broad historical and cultural canvas is one important cause for the Bible's ...

    Source: The Catholic Study Bible

  • books (A-Z entry)

    Books of the Hebrew Bible were scrolls, wrapped round rollers ( Jer. 36: 2 ) and unrolled for the appropriate place ( Luke 4: ...

    Source: A Dictionary of the Bible

  • bulla (A-Z entry)

    a clay seal with the impression of a signet ring or other symbol of authority.

    Source: Oxford Biblical Studies Online

  • Byzantine text (A-Z entry)

    The Greek text which was the basis of Erasmus' NT ( 1516 ) and so of the translators of the English AV of 1611 ...

    Source: A Dictionary of the Bible

  • The Canons of the Bible (Chapters)

    The contents of the Bible differ depending on the particular community in which it is in use. The major difference is between Christian Bibles, ...

    Source: The New Oxford Annotated Bible

  • The Catholic Study Bible (Chapters)

    How to Use this Study Bible This one‐volume Study Bible offers a full range of aids to help the reader discover the meaning of ...

    Source: The Catholic Study Bible

  • The Challenges of Biblical Translation (Chapters)

    For the average person in the pew, the need for new biblical translations can be bewildering. “Why do we need new translations?” or “What ...

    Source: The Catholic Study Bible

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