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  • anthropology (A-Z entry)

    Usually the study of mankind's cultures, customs, and cults—but in Christian theology it is used for the doctrine that men and women are made ...

    Source: A Dictionary of the Bible

  • Assumption of Moses (A-Z entry)

    The story of the world, written about 90 ce , in terms of conflict between God and Satan beginning with Moses and culminating in ...

    Source: A Dictionary of the Bible

  • Climate, Flora, and Fauna (Chapters)

    Seasons The latitude of Palestine is roughly that of southern Spain in Europe or Georgia in the USA. Its climate is also influenced by ...

    Source: Oxford Bible Atlas

  • firmament (A-Z entry)

    The division made by God, according to the P account of creation , to restrain the cosmic water and form the sky ( Gen. ...

    Source: A Dictionary of the Bible

  • flood (A-Z entry)

    There is no archaeological evidence for the universal flood described in Gen. 6–8 , but there are several Mesopotamian stories about how a family ...

    Source: A Dictionary of the Bible

  • fountain (A-Z entry)

    A natural spring of flowing water, as opposed to a well or a cistern. Fountains are numerous in upper Galilee . They offer security ...

    Source: A Dictionary of the Bible

  • heaven (A-Z entry)

    In the Bible, as in the English language, ‘heaven’ can refer to the region of the atmosphere or also to a supernatural world. Birds ...

    Source: A Dictionary of the Bible

  • hosts of heaven (A-Z entry)

    Used in both bad and good senses in OT: as sun, moon, and stars they were worshipped by Israelites guilty of apostasy ( Deut. ...

    Source: A Dictionary of the Bible

  • Jordan (A-Z entry)

    The river which runs from north of the Sea of Galilee to the Dead Sea is central to the history of Israel, ancient and ...

    Source: A Dictionary of the Bible

  • Jupiter (A-Z entry)

    The chief god in the Roman pantheon, equivalent to the Greek Zeus, to whom many temples were dedicated in the Roman Empire. At Lystra ...

    Source: A Dictionary of the Bible

  • lime (A-Z entry)

    There is plenty of limestone in Palestine, and lime was made by heating this in a kiln ( Isa. 33: 12 ). It could ...

    Source: A Dictionary of the Bible

  • sun (A-Z entry)

    References to the sun in the Bible include its beneficial effects in agriculture ( Deut. 33: 14 ) and also the unpleasant injuries it ...

    Source: A Dictionary of the Bible

  • Time, Units of (A-Z entry)

    The universal division of time into past, present, and future is expressed in Hebrew (as in other Semitic languages) by a spatial metaphor. Contrary ...

    Source: The Oxford Companion to the Bible

  • Water Tunnels (A-Z entry)

    In the arid climate of the ancient Near East, the need for water was always fundamental and its proximity dictated the location of early ...

    Source: The Oxford Encyclopedia of Archaeology in the Near East

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