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  • Judith (Chapters)

    The Book's Literary Form There have been several attempts at classifying the book of Judith according to its literary type. The book is certainly ...

    Source: The Catholic Study Bible

  • Laws of Eshnunna (A-Z entry)

    the legal collection of a Mesopotamian city‐state, about 50 km (30 mi) from present‐day Baghdad, that flourished in the early part of the ...

    Source: Oxford Biblical Studies Online

  • Music and Musical Instruments (A-Z entry)

    The most significant survival of the music of biblical times is its lyrical material. The Bible gives no indication of the actual melodies used ...

    Source: The Oxford Companion to the Bible

  • Music and the Bible (A-Z entry)

    [This entry focuses on the use of the Bible in sacred and secular Western music. For music in biblical times, see Music and Musical ...

    Source: The Oxford Companion to the Bible

  • Popular Culture and the Bible (A-Z entry)

    The Bible has been a fixture in American popular culture from the first European settlements to the present. Mentioning only a few random facts ...

    Source: The Oxford Companion to the Bible

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