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  • African American Traditions and the Bible (A-Z entry)

    Introduction: Reading the Bible = Reading the Self and the World. African Americans' engagement of the Bible is complex and dynamic. It is a ...

    Source: The Oxford Companion to the Bible

  • The Apocalypse of Paul (Visio Pauli) (Chapters)

    Paul's description of his being caught up into Paradise (2 Cor 12) gave the cue for creating this Apocalypse which includes his vision of ...

    Source: The Apocryphal New Testament

  • The Apocalypse of Peter (Chapters)

    The existence of this apocalypse was known in antiquity. The Muratorian Fragment and the Stichometry of Nicephorus include it among their ‘disputed’ texts. The ...

    Source: The Apocryphal New Testament

  • The Apocalypse of Thomas (Chapters)

    The Gelasian Decree condemns the Revelation of Thomas, but knowledge of the text in modern times dates only from the beginning of the twentieth ...

    Source: The Apocryphal New Testament

  • The Apocalyptic Vision (Chapters)

    When the word “apocalypse” appears in the newspaper, it is usually in connection with the horrors of nuclear war or the threat of environmental ...

    Source: The Oxford Study Bible

  • Barr, James (A-Z entry)

    ( 1924 – 2006 ) Born in Glasgow and educated at Edinburgh University; after a brief period as a minister of the Church of ...

    Source: A Dictionary of the Bible

  • Beroea (A-Z entry)

    A Macedonian city on the Egnatian Way which Paul and Silas visited, there enjoying a favourable reception ( Acts 17: 10–15 ).

    Source: A Dictionary of the Bible

  • The Bible in Literature (Chapters)

    The books of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, are undoubtedly the single greatest influence on the development of English literature, and the reasons ...

    Source: The Oxford Illustrated History of the Bible

  • Bible Societies (A-Z entry)

    With their concern for the translation, production, and distribution of the scriptures, Bible societies are relatively recent institutions, but the concept underlying their worldwide ...

    Source: The Oxford Companion to the Bible

  • Biblical Interpretation in the Early Church (Chapters)

    The Bible of the Early Christians Christianity's entry to the world as a Jewish sect had profound consequences for its development. Possessing a distinctive ...

    Source: The Oxford Study Bible

  • Byzantine text (A-Z entry)

    The Greek text which was the basis of Erasmus' NT ( 1516 ) and so of the translators of the English AV of 1611 ...

    Source: A Dictionary of the Bible

  • The Challenges of Biblical Translation (Chapters)

    For the average person in the pew, the need for new biblical translations can be bewildering. “Why do we need new translations?” or “What ...

    Source: The Catholic Study Bible

  • Children's Bibles (A-Z entry)

    The recasting of the Bible to meet the needs of children has been a topic of increasing interest in the twentieth century. Although children ...

    Source: The Oxford Companion to the Bible

  • Church government (A-Z entry)

    No fixed order of ministry intended to be permanent is described in the NT any more than an agreed sacramental theology. Developments into Papal, ...

    Source: A Dictionary of the Bible

  • Communities and Canon (Chapters)

    Contemporary Western Christians and Jews have in large part lost touch with the thought patterns of their early ancestors of biblical faith. Most think ...

    Source: The Oxford Study Bible

  • conscience (A-Z entry)

    The modern understanding of conscience as a faculty by which past actions or dispositions are assessed or future actions evaluated, leading to experiences of ...

    Source: A Dictionary of the Bible

  • The Contributions of Archaeology (Chapters)

    Perhaps no other area on the surface of the earth has been so extensively and intensively explored and excavated as has been the heartland ...

    Source: The Oxford Study Bible

  • cosmos (A-Z entry)

    Greek for “order, regularity.” The cosmos is the created world of order, stability, and relative permanence, as opposed to the impermanence and disorder ...

    Source: Oxford Biblical Studies Online

  • Dance and the Bible (A-Z entry)

    The Bible has provided choreographers with themes and topics for their dances, and not always in a religious context: biblical characters—heroes and heroines, kings ...

    Source: The Oxford Companion to the Bible

  • Deity in the Biblical Communities and among their Neighbors (Chapters)

    The Apostle Paul, offering instructions to the Corinthians on the subject of eating consecrated meat derived from pagan sacrifices, quoted those to whom he ...

    Source: The Oxford Study Bible

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