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  • valleys (A-Z entry)

    Numerous among the mountains of Palestine. They were locations for grazing cattle ( 1 Chron. 27: 29 ) and growing crops ( 1 Sam. ...

    Source: A Dictionary of the Bible

  • vanity (A-Z entry)

    A familiar refrain in Ecclesiastes (e.g. 1: 2 ) , asserting that life has no meaning. It is a theme in Isa . ( ...

    Source: A Dictionary of the Bible

  • Varieties (Chapters)

    Jewish novellas come in assorted packages, following no single model and dependent on no blueprint. Some invent heroes or heroines, placing them in an ...

    Source: The Oxford Handbook of Biblical Studies; from chapter Novella

  • vassal (A-Z entry)

    the underlord in a covenant relationship, who is granted power and control over people in a particular area in return for loyalty to ...

    Source: Oxford Biblical Studies Online

  • Vassal Treaty of Esarhaddon (A-Z entry)

    an Assyrian treaty document from the reign of the Assyrian king Esarhaddon (681–669 bce), with parallels to parts of Deuteronomy.

    Source: Oxford Biblical Studies Online

  • Vatican II (A-Z entry)

    the council of the Church held in the Vatican from 1962–65. The Second Vatican Council made many far‐reaching decisions about the life of ...

    Source: Oxford Biblical Studies Online

  • vaticinium ex eventu (A-Z entry)

    The term applied to a passage in the prophets or the gospels which has the form of a prediction but is in fact written ...

    Source: A Dictionary of the Bible

  • Vaux, Roland De (A-Z entry)

    ( 1903 – 1971 ), professor of history and archaeology ( 1935 – 1971 ) and director ( 1945 – 1965 ) of the ...

    Source: The Oxford Encyclopedia of Archaeology in the Near East

  • Vegetation in Biblical Times (Map) This result is a map

    Vegetation in Biblical Times

    Source: pageId="iii"Oxford Bible Atlas

  • veil (A-Z entry)

    Worn by Hebrew women at the time of marriage ( Gen. 24: 65–7 ). Also by Moses after he had been ‘conversing’ with God ...

    Source: A Dictionary of the Bible

  • Vengeance (A-Z entry)

    In biblical thought, God's vengeance is an expression of his holiness . Rendering vengeance to his adversaries is essentially a response to evil. Vengeance ...

    Source: The Oxford Companion to the Bible

  • verbal inspiration (A-Z entry)

    The theory that God so inspired the authors of the biblical texts that they had to be written precisely in those words and no ...

    Source: A Dictionary of the Bible

  • Verbal Maps? (Chapters) This result contains an image

    Within the biblical narrative, there are passages which might be said to provide verbal maps. The ‘Table of the Nations’ in Genesis 10 purports ...

    Source: pageId="iii"Oxford Bible Atlas; from chapter The Text in Context

  • Verse Division (A-Z entry)

    See Chapter and Verse Divisions .

    Source: The Oxford Companion to the Bible

  • The Versions. (Chapters)

    1. A further complication in interpretation comes from differences between the Hebrew (MT) and Greek (LXX) versions of the text of Jeremiah. Reversing the ...

    Source: The Oxford Bible Commentary; from chapter Jeremiah

  • Versions (A-Z entry)

    See Translations .

    Source: The Oxford Companion to the Bible

  • versions (A-Z entry)

    Early translations of the Hebrew OT and Greek NT. They were made into other languages of the ancient Near East and also into Latin ...

    Source: A Dictionary of the Bible

  • Vespasian (A-Z entry)

    See Rome .

    Source: Encyclopedia of the Dead Sea Scrolls

  • Vespasian (A-Z entry)

    The Roman general in the Jewish War of 66 – 70 ce ; but before Jerusalem was captured he was nominated emperor and returned ...

    Source: A Dictionary of the Bible

  • Via Dolorosa (A-Z entry)

    The route followed by Christian pilgrims in Jerusalem commemorating the journey taken by Jesus carrying his cross ( Mark 15: 20–22 ), and punctuated ...

    Source: A Dictionary of the Bible

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