1 AS THEY entered Ecbatana Tobias said, ‘Azarias, my friend, take me straight to our kinsman Raguel.’ So he took him to Raguel's house, where they found him sitting by the courtyard gate. They greeted him first, and he replied, ‘Greetings to you, my friends. You are indeed welcome.’ When he brought them into his house, 2he said to Edna his wife, ‘Is not this young man like my kinsman Tobit? 3Edna questioned them, ‘Friends, where do you come from?’ ‘We belong to the tribe of Naphtali, now in captivity at Nineveh,’ they answered. 4‘Do you know our kinsman Tobit?’ she asked, and they replied, ‘Yes, we do.’ ‘Is he well?’ she said. 5‘He is alive and well,’ they answered, and Tobias added, ‘He is my father.’ 6Raguel jumped up and, with tears in his eyes, he kissed him. 7‘God bless you, my boy,’ he said, ‘son of a good and upright father. But what a calamity that so just and charitable a man has lost his sight!’ He embraced Tobias his kinsman and wept; 8Edna his wife and their daughter Sarah also wept for Tobit.

Raguel slaughtered a ram from the flock and entertained them royally. They bathed and then, after washing their hands, took their places for the meal. Tobias said to Raphael, ‘Azarias, my friend, ask Raguel to give me Sarah my kinswoman.’ 9Raguel overheard this and said to the young man: ‘Eat and drink tonight, and enjoy yourself. 10There is no one but yourself who should have my daughter Sarah; indeed I ought not to give her to anyone else, since you are my nearest kinsman. However, I must reveal the truth to you, my son: 11I have given her in marriage to seven of our kinsmen, and they all died on their wedding night. My son, eat and drink now, and may the Lord deal kindly with you both.’ Tobias answered, ‘I shall not eat again or drink until you have disposed of this business of mine.’ 12Raguel said to him, ‘I shall do so: I give her to you in accordance with the decree in the book of Moses, and Heaven itself has decreed that she shall be yours. Take your kinswoman; from now on you belong to her and she to you, from today she is yours for ever. May all go well with you both this night, my son; may the Lord of heaven grant you mercy and peace.’

13Raguel called for Sarah and, when she came, he took her by the hand and gave her to Tobias with these words: ‘Receive my daughter as your wedded wife in accordance with the law, the decree written in the book of Moses; keep her and take her safely home to your father. And may the God of heaven grant you prosperity and peace.’ 14Then he sent for her mother and told her to fetch a roll of papyrus, and he wrote out and put his seal on a marriage contract giving Sarah to Tobias as his wife according to this decree. 15After that they began to eat and drink.

16Raguel called his wife and said, ‘My dear, get the other bedroom ready and take her in there.’ 17Edna went and prepared the room as he had told her, and brought Sarah into it. She wept over her, and then drying her tears said: 18‘Take heart, dear daughter; the Lord of heaven give you gladness instead of sorrow. Take heart, daughter!’ Then she went out.