A town in S. Galilee approximately half‐way between the Sea of Galilee and the Mediterranean not mentioned in OT but described as the residence of Joseph and Mary (Luke 1: 26 f.) and so of Jesus (Luke 2: 4; 4: 16). Matthew, however, seems to imply that the family only settled in Nazareth after the massacre of the infants and their flight into Egypt. Returning to the land of Israel after Herod's death, Joseph did not resume residence in Judaea but ‘went and dwelt in a city called Nazareth’. Excavations in 1955 revealed that the town was inhabited before the Christian era, and in 1961 an inscription found in Caesarea mentions Nazareth. It was a satellite town of Sepphoris, 6.5 km. (4 miles) away, and had a population when Jesus lived there of about 500. It was assumed in Judaea that ‘nothing good’ (John 1: 46) could possibly come out of the Graeco‐Jewish area of Galilee.