The craft of the potter was both ancient and essential, and archaeological discoveries have yielded important clues for dating the occupation of cities, as far back as the Neolithic Age at Jericho. In the Bible the earliest mention of pottery is when David was brought vessels full of grain (2 Sam. 17: 28) and from then on techniques of workmanship improved. There is a brief description of a potter at work in Jer. 18: 3 f. By NT times the potter worked with two wheels joined by a shaft, rotating the lower wheel with his foot. The clay used contained sand and vegetable matter and was purified before being thrown on to the wheel and moved as the wheel spun. The jar or bowl (Matt. 26: 23) or basin (John 13: 5) was baked or dried in the sun. God is likened to a potter (Isa. 29: 16; Rom. 9: 20–24) and human beings should not argue with what he chooses to make.