An addition to Daniel after 3: 23 found in the LXX and included there in Catholic Bibles (e.g. NJB, ‘the story of Azariah’) but in the Apocrypha by others. It was probably an independent composition, and included in Daniel as a suitable insertion in the 2nd cent. BCE. As a prayer of penitence, it seems to reflect the desecration of the Temple by Antiochus Epiphanes in 167 BCE and accepts it as a punishment for Israel's sins. Verses 35–66a have been incorporated as a canticle known as Benedicite in some Christian liturgies, e.g. in Books of Common Prayer of 1549 (as an alternative in Lent), of 1552 (as an alternative on any day), and subsequently in later editions. At the Savoy Conference in 1661 the Presbyterian delegation asked that it should be omitted, as coming from the non-canonical Apocrypha, but they were overruled.