A village in Galilee. The gospel of John is the only writing in the NT to mention it. Cana is the scene of Jesus' miracle at a wedding (John 2: 1–11), and of the healing of a nobleman's son (John 4: 46–54); and it is where Nathanael lived (John 21: 2).

The miracle of water turned into wine (John 2: 1–11) is the first of Jesus' ‘signs’ in this gospel. The story is intended to demonstrate that Jesus is beginning to fulfil and transcend the expectations of Judaism; it is carefully noted that the water in the jars was required for Jewish rites of purification. John may be elaborating some well‐known words of Jesus, preserved at Mark 2: 21–2, about the virtues of new wine, and he may also have been influenced by Hellenistic stories of the transformation of water into wine.