A large stone placed in the foundation at the main corner of a new building; it might form part of the end wall and part of a side wall, and so it would hold them together. Hence Eph. 2: 20. The occurrences in the OT and NT of the word are mostly metaphorical, as in Job 38: 6. God lays a corner‐stone in Zion (Isa. 28: 16)—true security for the man of faith. In the NT Jesus is referred to as a corner‐stone in Mark 12: 10 (where Ps. 118: 22 is quoted) and 1 Pet. 2: 6 (where Isa. 28: 16 is quoted). The psalm explains that a rejected stone has been used as a corner‐stone, and this was given a Messianic interpretation by rabbis. For Christians it was evidence from the OT of the divine purpose in Jesus' rejection by the Jews and his exaltation to the Father.