A village possibly 11 km. (about 7 miles) from Jerusalem (Luke 24: 13); but some MSS put it at 32 km. (about 20 miles). The location is therefore in dispute. The risen Jesus appeared to Cleopas and another disciple as the two were on their way to the village. Their false interpretation of Jesus' Messiahship—of the hopes, now shattered, of political victory—is corrected by Jesus' exposition of OT scripture, showing his death to be a divine necessity (24: 26) by which Messiah could enter into his glory. On arrival at their destination the disciples are still unaware of the identity of their companion, but when (using language similar to that at the Feeding of the Five Thousand) he breaks and distributes bread, he is at once recognized, and immediately disappears. It is a story of true disciples coming to know the risen Lord in word and sacrament, and that is its value for the reader. As history, the double journey and a series of incidents are too many to be accommodated in a single day.