One of the twelve Minor Prophets, living about 520 BCE, and mentioned in Ezra 5: 1; 6: 14. He gives his name to the OT book which puts the blame for drought and disaster on the people’s preference to build their own houses after the Return from Exile rather than the Lord’s Temple. However, the leaders Zerubbabel and Joshua (the high priest) take action (1: 12–14) and there is a promise that eventually there will be a glorious new building (2: 7–9), so that this short book gives a glimpse of a key moment in the history of Judaism—the community’s decision to build the Second Temple. However, there is also a warning not to put a false trust in the security of the rebuilt Temple (2: 14) without true obedience to the Lord (2: 17). The book ends with an expression of confidence that Zerubbabel (2: 23) (though himself an official of the Persian Emperor Darius!) will ensure the continuation of the royal house of David.